About Me

Hi! Thank you for purchasing my book! Something that I have been procrastinating for a while therefore I’m thankful for the push from my beloved family, supportive friends and trusted followers on Instagram. 🤍
When I first launched my Syawal E-book in April 2023, I did not realise how many actually have benefitted from it. Thus why I moved forward to have a hard copy cookbook now.
Starting from humble beginnings, I learnt to cook from the superwomen in my life - my mum, aunts, grandma, late grandma and late mother in law.... and from my dad too!
Everything from the basics to the complexities of cooking the dishes you may have seen a number of times on my social media were taught lovingly and the skills passed down to me are priceless.
Anything cooked from home is authentic and full of love, as cliche as it may sound. There’s no other way. Homecooked food is the best and I am here to keep sharing and pass down some of my family’s favourites too.
This new cookbook is not only for Thermomix users because I want everyone to enjoy cooking and having the dishes as a family.
Food binds people together. Another cliche. But we really can’t run away from facts, do we?

Shikin is a mother of four, an ex-teacher and is now a Thermomix Advisor and Team Manager. She enjoys cooking since she was a child but only got to do it fully when she first got married, thanks to her husband who prefers homecooked food. Shikin believes that cooking is a life skill everyone should have as food is what keeps us all excited and having good food for the day makes us happy too. (Plus it’s always more budget friendly 😉) 

~Shikin Rahmat