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Week 1 : Ready For Ramadhan (EBOOK)

Week 1 : Ready For Ramadhan (EBOOK)

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Ramadan is the time when Muslims fully submit to our Creator but preparing wholesome, nourishing, and homecooked meals for the family’s iftar will still be our main priority.

Ever since with a Thermomix. I find that my cooking and time in the kitchen have decreased tremendously. I’ve also managed to make my pastes to prepare myself on busy days. The pastes are kept in the fridge for as long as 2-4 weeks and I can use them anytime I want.

There are also pastes like Sambal Tumis, Soto, Mee Goreng and Universal EZ (for Lodeh, Lemak, Sotong Hitam and many more) pastes in my previous e-book

(Syawal ‘23) and hardcover (30 Days of Comfort) for you to try out.

This e-book, which is the first of a 4-part series, will cover more pastes for you to have enough stash for the whole of Ramadan. Simply make them, refrigerate, scoop and cook your desired dish.

I hope, with this 4-part series, we will find a way to ease ourselves into Ramadan by spending less time in the kitchen and more time for our spiritual growth.

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